Our Impact & Stories


“If nothing else, I want to emphasize that the people I work with are as gifted, talented and intelligent as I am. They just happen to lack the same resources, opportunities, or social capital, that other people have had; that I’ve had. Otherwise, I see them as complete and utter equals. Our job is to provide tools and ideas, and space for greater reflection and clarity. There is no way that we can ‘make things happen’ for people career-wise. It’s unquestionable that the women themselves are the ones making things happen, and it is a privilege to walk alongside them on the journey.”

—Grace Watson, Next Steps, BHA, Long-term supporter of Thriving, Board member of Women Thriving, Inc., Co-facilitator of “Preparing for Employment Workshop Series”

“I was scared about my English before this class. But I recently volunteered as a chaperone at my daughter's school.  I thought, if someone looks down on me for my limited English, that is their problem, not mine.  I won't let it stop me from helping."

“I accomplished my goal. I have started to practice interviewing and feel supported to continue this challenging part of the job search.”

“I learned about creating a budget and information about credit cards and credit scores.”

“I enjoyed Toastmaster so much. It helped me to speak more openly in a crowd.”

“It was great to have a ‘real’ poet to teach the group—there was lots of participation from the group.”

“…I have definitely benefited from meeting others like myself who are STRONG, willing to put ourselves out in telling our stories, and most importantly learning to stand up for my beliefs!”

“Thriving really did help me thrive!”