Our Workshop Series

Women Thriving offers learning opportunities in a supportive, small group environment, through 4-16 week workshop series—all free for women with low income. Many of our series have language support and materials available in Spanish. Some of our Workshop Series Include:

Healthy Relationships & Resiliency

surviving and thriving

For English and Spanish-speakers

An 8-week interactive workshop series that builds resiliency skills such as use of self care, stress relievers, positive self-talk, assertiveness, and bite-size goals for personal action planning. This cornerstone workshop series is facilitated by two social workers and has a yearly follow-up “Extension Series.”

“Thriving helped me to focus on my needs more, to realize that I deserve taking time for myself. It helped me get through the obstacles I had in my life and take control.”

I was in an abusive relationship and I thought I would never get out of it… after ten years it wasn’t feeling right. After [the Surviving and Thriving group], I felt a lot of things were reaffirmed. I trust myself a little bit more. I treat myself a little bit kinder. I am more patient about not wanting to fix things right away.


Leading Self and Others


in Families, Work,

& Communities

For English and Spanish-Speakers

Health & Wellness

Healthy Eating & Cooking

An 8-week workshop series teaching healthy nutrition and cooking.  Three of the eight sessions are devoted to cooking healthy food together, led by a local chef.  This series is in its third iteration in 2019 and is overseen by the Healthy Food and Lifestyle Working Group


Cook to Feel Great at BU

A series of six healthy cooking classes for women held monthly at BU’s Sargent College, hosted by the BU Rotaract Club


Fitness Moving Forward

This is a 6-week strength-building program provided in public housing facilities. The Healthy Food and Lifestyle Working Group oversees this and other Women Thriving fitness-related workshop series.


YOGA, QiGong, Zumba

Shake Your Soul

These are other 6-week fitness/dance programs that are presented periodically in public housing facilities.

Employment Skills & Finances

Preparing for Employment

A 10-week workshop series that works with women who are hoping to join or return to the workforce.  Facilitated by a career counselor and a social worker, the series covers career visioning, skill assessment, resume and cover letter writing, job searching, interview preparation, and networking.

“I accomplished my goal. I have started to practice interviewing and feel supported to continue this challenging part of the job search.” 


Public Speaking with


A 6-week initial training by Toastmasters leaders, focused on planning and presentation of short speeches.

“I enjoyed Toastmaster so much. It helped me to speak more openly in a crowd.”


Manage Your Money

A six-week workshop series that engages participants in learning about and working together on saving, budgeting, credit, taxes, and other personal finance topics.

“I learned about creating a budget and information about credit cards and credit scores.”

Women’s Employment Network (in development)

Networking with local employers

Speakers Series

Online resources

The Arts

Art Journey to Healing

I feel good when I leave [the group]. I’m not the only one with problems.

“I really like the group…it feels safe, comfortable. I liked hearing everyone’s feelings and stories.”

This helped me explore parts of myself I don’t normally pay attention to.

It is interesting to me that I can have all of this pain and anger inside and make something that actually looks beautiful and joyful.

I felt the freedom, dealing with some issues that I have kind of been ignoring for a very long time.

With collage, I feel strong and so creative!

I feel like painting allowed me to express and see what was going on inside myself, like an internal mirror.

It allows you to speak your feelings that are on your mind through art; this has really helped me express what I wanted to say.

Painting makes me feel liberated.


Poetry Reading & WritinG

A four-week workshop series co-facilitated by a former poet laureate of Brookline and a social worker.  Participants read and discuss poetry together and create their own poetry.

“It was great to have a ‘real’ poet to teach the group—there was lots of participation from the group.”


Digital Story Telling