From 2011 through February of 2019, we were a program of the Brookline Center for Community Mental Health. We are grateful for their long-term support, allowing us the opportunity to grow and make essential connections throughout the community. In March, 2019, we established ourselves as a separate 501(c)3 organization, maintaining a strong working relationship with the Center.



First “Surviving and Thriving” Workshop Series, the signature program which continues to this day.


Community Needs and Assets Assessment Thirty organizations and over 100 people met through focus groups and interviews. Through their insights, Thriving identified 12 major areas of need for financially-challenged women and girls in Brookline, including: loneliness and isolation, depression and anxiety, health issues, food insecurity, unemployment and need for technology skills, domestic abuse, and information about community resources.


Community Summits Five gatherings over two years brought together interested citizens, service providers, town agencies, and financially-challenged women to discuss identified needs, share ideas, and begin to organize and work together in focused community Working Groups.


Our Thriving Working Groups were first established, each focused on an identified area of need.


An explosion of new workshop series developed and shared in Brookline. First offerings for Spanish-speakers begin. Leadership development opportunities include work in community outreach, communications, and workshop facilitation and coordination.


Women Thriving, Inc. established as a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization. New Board of Directors take leadership.