Leadership Development

Thriving is committed to engaging more and more women and girls with limited income in leadership development opportunities such as: co-facilitation of community summits, Listening and Learning Dinners, and film screenings; co-facilitation of workshop series and Working Groups; taking the lead in projects, e.g., editing of a film project; planning dinner agendas; and seeking donations for fundraising. We have also begun creating leadership pathways—specially created, paid leadership opportunities matching interests and talents, e.g., outreach and recruitment, communications, and program evaluation.

[Thriving] has made me a different person. When I came in I didn’t see myself as a leader. I’ve been thrust into a leadership role…. That was the beginning of me accepting that I might be a leader and that this will get easier... I’m more comfortable [in this environment] than in other spaces where I rarely speak [up].
— Thriver